About Me

I started riding in my mid 20’s and just galloped about on other peoples horses. Then started lessons at a British Horse Society approved yard – this included passing Stage 1 and 2 in Riding and Stable Management. It wasn’t until my children were 11 and 15 that we got our own pony – Just Kit a Connemara cross who was very lively but well schooled and taught us all to sit quietly and do very little.

a connemara pony
Just Kit

I had a short experience with natural horsemanship until I got Benny who had mastered the art of escaping the aversive stimuli. He had some past clicker training so I investigated this and so my journey proceeded.

A brown horse with rider

I studied with a variety of equine behaviourists and reward based trainers, before passing the Natural Animal Centres Equine Behaviour Qualification Stage 1. Now I am waiting for the Stage 2 course to be online so I can continue my education.

Mojo arrived 2 years ago and I have been doing a lot of desensitisation and counter conditioning with him, he can now be ridden – although due to a new granddaughter I haven’t managed to ride him. Mojo is still afraid of clippers but will now touch an electric toothbrush.

A piebald pony

Indi is my daughters rescue horse and we are slowly starting his ridden education using as much positive reinforcement as possible.